Feeding Guide

Bestmate Himalayan K9Chew
Feed as a treat or rewarding only. Do not over feed and provide clean, fresh water at all times.

For dogs over 16 weeks old.
When choosing a K9Chew please ensure it is the right size for your dog.

Refer to the size/weight guide:
  • X-Large (25+ kg dog)
  • Large (15-25kg dog)
  • Medium (7-15kg dog)
  • Small (under 7kg dog)
Bestmate K9H2O
Our feeding recommendations are based on the size of dog with 1 x 355mL bottle. You cannot overdose your dog with Bestmate K9H2O as the body will only use what it needs and flush out any excess through urine. Simply increase or decrease the amount you provide depending on your dogs needs.