“We tried all the flavours on our 2 springer pups where Charlie loved the mint and Misty the beef…”
Caroline F – Dog owner

“This would be a great way to introduce fluid back into the system after surgery and get the dog back to better health quicker.”
Bay Vet, Browns Bay

“The Peanut Butter flavour was a real hit with our dog Sammy, where can we get more of this fantastic water?”
Martin S – Dog owner

“I was a little hesitant as we already sell top quality foods for dogs, but was pleasantly surprised with the immediate feedback we received when trailing the beef flavour with our customers dogs. They simply couldn’t get enough!”
Store Manager – Animates, Albany

“What a fantastic product and concept, we know our customers would buy this product and seems reasonably priced for the benefits it provides. The branding is very strong and will sell itself. Great name.”
Sharon and Heather
Owners – Animal Ark

“A great solution to hydrating your dogs whilst on the go or travelling somewhere”
Store Manager – Animates, Glenfield

“After coming back from travelling abroad, our shar-pei Hooch, had been in a kennel and had got a rash over her back, so we tried K9H2O as a friend had recommended it and we were amazed at her recovery over the course of a week of drinking the vitamin water.”
Debbie C – Dog owner

“Oscar (our Boarder Terrier) has really taken to the Beef…”
Christopher B – Dog owner   

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